Breast Reduction

Most women who have breast reduction surgery are troubled by breasts that restrict their activities, cause them discomfort and can often leave them feeling self-conscious. The surgery results in significant scarring of the breast skin, but most patients are very satisfied.


We use either the “inferior pedicle” or the “vertical scar” technique depending on the patient’s size, shape and their preferences in breast reduction. In both breast reduction techniques the nipple/areola is left attached to the chest wall maintaining its blood and nerve supply. The excess skin and breast tissue is excised from around the nipple/areola mound.

The inferior pedicle technique is suitable for most patients. This results in an inverted T shaped scar with a horizontal scar along the line below the breast.

Patients for small to moderate breast reductions may be appropriate for the vertical scar technique which limits the scar to the curve of the breast below the nipple. There is no horizontal component. This technique can give a better breast shape, but there is a higher chance of minor revision surgery.


Breast reduction surgery is performed with the patient under general anaesthetic with a 1-3 night hospital stay. Time off work to recover is usually 1-2 weeks. Vigorous exercise can be resumed after 6 weeks.

More Information on Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction