Skin Lesion Removal

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is a very common condition in Australia affecting a large proportion of the population at some time in their life. While skin cancers can be found on any part of the body, about 80 percent appear on the face, head, or neck, where they can be disfiguring as well as dangerous. Surgery is the most common form of treatment.

Skin cancers are often removed by a GP, at a skin cancer clinic or by a dermatologist. Plastic surgeons commonly treat skin cancers especially when they occur in the head and neck region. Patients may request plastic surgical treatment to attempt to obtain best cosmetic outcome or a plastic surgeon may be required for larger or more complex cancers requiring some form of reconstruction.


Our plastic surgeons usually remove small skin cancers under local anaesthetic in our rooms. A small amount of tissue from somewhere else in the body may be required (called a graft or flap), but usually the skin can be closed directly. Larger cancers will be removed in a hospital setting, usually as a day case, but sometimes requiring hospital admission. This may be under local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic. These cancers usually require larger skin grafts or flaps to close the wound.


After surgery the dressings are kept clean and dry for 48 hrs and can then be reduced. Our surgeon will review the wound at about one week when stitches will be removed and the report form the pathologist can be reviewed.

Skin lesion

Skin lesion describes any cyst, mole or benign tumour arising within the skin. People often request plastic surgical removal of these lesions to attain best cosmetic outcomes. Dr Nicklin usually removes these lesions under local anaesthetic in our rooms.
Stitches are removed after one week. For any skin surgery, once the wound has healed Dr Nicklin recommend that patients apply skin coloured tape to the scar. This has been shown to improve scar outcomes when used for 3 months post operatively.

More Information on Skin Lesion Removal

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Skin Lesion Removal