Hand Rejuvenation

The back of the hand is the most visible unclothed area of the body other than the head and neck. It is also subject to the same changes of ageing as the face with a change in skin quality, pigmentation, wrinkles and loss of volume in the tissues under the skin. Patients who undergo facial cosmetic surgery often complain that the appearance of their hands “gives away” their age.

Few plastic surgeons undertake cosmetic hand surgery because of the difficulties in obtaining reliable results comparable with those seen in facial cosmetic surgery. In recent years there have been reports of reliable techniques to improve the appearance of the aging hand.


Fat grafts, usually taken from the abdomen can improve the loss of fullness in the back of the hand ie visible veins, wrinkling and a “bony” appearance. The fat is “sucked” from the abdomen and injected beneath the skin in the hand. (Other fillers can be used, but experience with the use of these in the hand is limited).

The pigmentation in the hand can be improved with the use of resurfacing techniques such as laser or chemical peels. This is done separately to the fat grafting to ensure safe healing.

More Information on Hand Rejuvenation

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Hand Rejuvenation