About Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer.

It helps to polish the skin to remove dead cells from the surface, directly achieving skin resurfacing and related effects such as hyperpigmentation and the reduction of acne marks.


Microdermabrasion evens out skin tones and skin texture and minimises pore size to give the skin a rejuvenated, glowing and smooth appearance.

Often alternating microdermabrasion with other therapies such as medical peels is most effective and gives maximum benefits.


How many treatments are required?

This depends on your skin condition, desired outcomes and individual response.

As a guide, we generally recommend 8 sessions at 2 or 4 weekly intervals with continuous review at each appointment.

How long does it take?

Each session takes about half an hour.

How long until I see improvement?

Improvement in texture and smoothness may be seen after the first treatment, however more often this is seen after 2 -3 treatments.

Do I need to use aftercare products?

Our practice nurse will recommend a tailored skin care routine that should be used a minimum of two weeks prior to the first treatment.

Which areas of the body are suitable for microdermabrasion?

The most common areas for treatment are the face, neck, décolletage, chest, back and arms.

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What are the costs?

The costs of an individual microdermabrasion treatment start from $160.

We do offer packages and these can reduce the costs of each treatment.

The packages start from $580 for 4 treatments and products.

We recommend for first time patients that you have an initial consultation with our Practice Nurse to discuss your skin concerns.

At this time, a tailored treatment plan will be recommended and the final fees will be discussed with you prior to any treatment.

For more information please visit the fee section on the FAQ page.

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