What is Trigger finger?

Trigger finger is most common in women over 40 years and young children, but can occur at any age.

Trigger finger (‘Stenosing Tenosynovitis’) presents as pain or clicking in the palm on bending of the fingers due to catching and/or irritation of tendons in the palm. Swelling can develop in the tendon creating a nodule which causes more irritation and further swelling. Ultimately, the swelling may get stuck in the tunnel that the tendon passes through, causing locking of the finger.

In children, trigger finger is rare and typically discovered as the finger is locked in a bent position. At our practice we treat both children and adults with trigger finger or thumb issues.


What symptoms does it cause?

Symptoms usually start without any injury, but can follow a period of heavy hand use.

Symptoms can include:

. a tender lump in the palm of your hand

. swelling

. a catching or popping sensation in your finger or thumb joints

. pain when bending or straightening your fingers.

Sometimes more than one finger can be affected at different times.

As non-surgical alternative treatments we suggest a combination of anti-inflammatory tablets, a splint, or a cortisone injection.

If symptoms persist or recur, then surgery is usually recommended.

Usually, trigger finger surgery is not urgent and can wait weeks to months for treatment. Surgical treatment is a day-only procedure and its goal is to widen the tunnel so that the tendon can slide through more easily. A small incision is made into the palm of the hand. The tendon sheath is cut releasing the tightness and when healed the tendon will move freely once again.

 After trigger finger surgery the finger can be moved immediately and the hand can be used as soon as it feels comfortable. The dressing is removed at the first appointment and usually recovery is complete within 2-3 weeks and no splints are required.

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