About Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty (also referred to as Labioplasty) is a surgical procedure to reduce the size or change the shape of the lips on the outside of the vagina.

The surgery is most commonly performed for functional reasons to eliminate discomfort associated with protruding, excess or uneven lips and to correct stretching and deformity after childbirth.

Labiaplasty is also commonly performed to address cosmetic concerns.


The procedure involves making small incisions to remove the excess tissue to reduce or reshape the labia minora.

The incisions are very inconspicuous and will leave little noticeable scarring. After the procedure, sensation and function are usually normal and well maintained, and not infrequently, enhanced.


Who are the best candidates for Labiaplasty surgery?

The best candidates for Labiaplasty are women with marked prominence of the labia minora such that they suffer from irritation with splitting/cracking of the skin and potentially bleeding.

In addition, women with significant cosmetic concerns can also benefit from the surgery.

Will the procedure leave any scars?

Although scars are the inevitable result of any surgery, the incisions are very inconspicuous and will leave little noticeable scarring. Every effort is made to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible.

How long is my recovery post-surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery is performed as a day procedure in a hospital under general anaesthetic. Following surgery, antibiotic ointment is applied to the wounds and pads are used for the small amount of bleeding expected.

It is usually 2 weeks before you can return to physical activity and 6 weeks before you feel fully recovered.

How long after surgery can I resume intercourse?

This varies for different patients but is generally between 2 and 6 weeks post-surgery.

What will happen during my consultation for Labiaplasty?

At the initial consultation, we discuss your concerns and reasons leading to consideration for Labiaplasty. An examination will be required, but this is performed only when you feel comfortable to proceed and always in the presence of a female chaperone (nurse).

The examination is not absolutely necessary at the first consultation but will be required prior to any procedure.

Pictures will also be taken prior to any procedure, these are taken by the nurse in a private room and treated as confidential.

Medical terms

Labia minora: The smaller inner folds of the vulva

Labia majora: The larger outer folds of the vulva

Labiaplasty: Procedure to change the labia minora of the vulva

Vagina: The muscular tube leading from the vulva to the uterus

Vulva: The female external genitals / the external opening of the vagina


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