Video consultations

Randwick Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you with your optimum surgical journey, starting with your first enquiry with our clinic. That is why we offer patients video consultations for added convenience where suitable.

Whilst our surgeons prefer face to face consultation wherever possible as this provides the best opportunity for interaction, they appreciate that sometimes video is much more practical and do embrace video consultations.

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When is a video consultation appropriate?

Our patients that elect to have their consultation virtually usually do so for convenience. For example if a patient lives far away, or is short of time they may elect for a virtual consultation. Every patient’s situation is different but in general, the benefits of this service include:

  • reduced waiting time to see our surgeons
  • reduced travel time / time off work
  • added convenience for you to be at any location whilst connecting with our doctors
When is a video consultation not feasible?

Video consultations are not appropriate for:

  • the assessment of wrist conditions due to need for a physical examination of the wrist
  • for some complex conditions.
What are the downsides of a video consultation?

Less complex procedures can frequently be booked for surgery after one in person consultation. Due to the requirement for the surgeon to consult with a patient in person prior to any elective surgery, a video consultation may not save you time overall if your situation and condition is relatively straightforward.

Patients who choose to book a video consultation for less complex conditions usually do so because they want to have an appointment quickly to start making plans for any required surgery or treatment. They understand that a second in person consultation will be required prior to surgery and are comfort.

What are the logistics for a video consultation?

Video consultations are held via Zoom for which we will email you a link for your appointment.

Be sure to find a quiet, well-lit location or room 15 mins prior to your appointment time and have all your questions ready, just like for an in person consultation. Once you log on to the appointment you will be held in a virtual waiting room until the Surgeon is ready to see you.

What are the fees for a video consultation?

The fees for video consultation are the same as for in person consultation and are payable in advance. Full refund is given with 48 business hours notice of cancellation.   

Do you offer phone consultations?

Phone consultations are not usually offered for first appointments. They can sometimes be used for follow up consultations or for post operatively if that is your preference.  They are also sometimes used if video is failing due to internet issues yet a clear phone line is available.

How can I arrange a video consultation?

Please inform us when booking your appointment that you prefer video consultation or fill in the form below.

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