Is My Surgeon a Qualified Specialist?

Why Choose A Specialist Plastic Surgeon ?

A Plastic Surgeon is a Specialist Surgeon who has successfully completed the intensive training program 

of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeon (RACS) in Plastic Surgery.

Specialist Plastic Surgery in Australia requires surgeons to complete a minimum of 12 years of intensive medical and surgical training and at least 5 years of Specialist Plastic Surgery post-graduate training through RACS. Only after successfully completing this, are you entitled to become a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and use the registered title of Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Dr Sean Nicklin, Dr Sarah Tolerton and Dr Marc Langbart have all successfully completed this training and are qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons.

What Is The Difference Between A Specialist Plastic Surgeon And A Cosmetic Surgeon?

Currently in most states in Australia including NSW there is no legislation to stop any doctor with a basic Medical degree calling themselves “Surgeon”. There are no specialist qualifications, skills, training or experience required to label oneself and indeed operate on patients as a “Cosmetic Surgeon”. The so-called “Cosmetic surgeons” are not recognised as specialists by the Medical Board. 

Cosmetic Surgery has been highlighted in the media more so now than ever. If it is often about surgery gone wrong, and they often highlight that people didn’t understand the difference between the terms ‘Cosmetic’ and ‘Plastic’ Surgeons.  All too often the patients say they thought they were dealing with a genuine Plastic Surgeon, but unfortunately they were not.

Our Recommendations

Your only safeguard is to look for the letters FRACS (Plas) under a doctor’s name and make sure that they are a member of The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr Sean Nicklin, Dr Sarah Tolerton and Dr Marc Langbart are all Specialist Plastic Surgeons are permitted to use these titles and memberships.

Dr Sean Nicklin
Specialist Plastic Surgeon
FRACS (Plas), FRCS ED Glas, MBChB 
Dr Sarah Tolerton
Specialist Plastic Surgeon
FRACS (Plast) MBBS (Hons) MS (Plast) BMedSci 
Dr Marc Langbart
Specialist Plastic Surgeon
FRACS (Plast) MS (Hand)  MBBS (Hons) BsC (Med) 

It is strongly recommended that you check the qualifications and credentials of any other doctor you are considering for plastic surgery and procedures with these two organisations.

For Members of Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons contact: ASPS – 1300 367 446

Fellows of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons contact: RACS – (03) 9249 1200

Proceeding With Surgery

You should never feel pressured by a Surgeon or his staff to choose him/her as your surgeon or go ahead with a procedure. Remember it is your decision. Any surgical procedure can carry risks, but by consulting a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is trained and fully qualified to perform all aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery the chances of risks and complications are minimized.