Jason’s Bionic Arm

TMR Surgery for Jason

Dr Sean Nicklin has been working with Jason who lost his arm in a farming accident over two years ago. Jason was unable to continue his previous building and farming activities, but breakthrough technology has given him the opportunity to be fitted with a prosthetic arm which he can control like his normal arm.

Dr Sean Nicklin with Jason

Dr Nicklin has been using pioneering new technology called TMR Surgery to prepare Jason to receive a ‘Bionic’ arm prosthesis.

The TMR procedure redirects nerves to different muscles to allow much greater control of a cutting edge ‘bionic’ arm. This gives high level arm amputees much more movement than ever before.


TMR is short for ‘Targeted Muscle Reinnervation’. TMR surgery redirects the nerves that once controlled the arm and hand. This advanced technique makes it possible for doctors to help people who have had upper arm amputations to control their prosthetic limbs by simply ‘thinking’ about the normal actions they would like to perform.

People who undergo TMR surgery are fitted with and trained to use a ‘Myoelectric’ prosthetic arm, the so called “bionic arm”. The technique is only suitable for amputees and not suitable for people who were born without their arm or those who have nerve degeneration.

Bionic Arm


Dr Nicklin and the Rehabilitation Team at Prince of Wales Hospital have used the advanced TMR technique to reconnect Jason’s nerves to new muscles. The rehabilitation team lead by Dr Greg Bowring at Prince of Wales hospital have been training Jason to control his prosthetic limb with his mind. Melissa Leong, Occupational Therapist has worked with Jason for over 6 months to relearn this control of his new limb.

By redirecting these nerves, Dr Nicklin has given Jason more control than ever of his State of the Art Bionic arm and elbow. This allows Jason to manipulate objects and has restored his ability to lift and hold things. Jason has been learning for months how to retrain his mind to do the things he used to take for granted.

Dr Nicklin and the Team at Prince of Wales Hospital are using this innovative technology to allow patients to be fitted with the most advanced prosthetic limbs available in Australia.


Researchers are currently working on the next generation of artificial limbs which will allow patients to be able to feel, and by sending those signals back to the brain, they will be able to restore the sense of touch.

Jason is very excited to be regaining the use of arm. He says the ability to be able to hug his kids and wrap his arms around them again is ‘everything’.



About Dr Nicklin

Dr Nicklin is an Australian and British trained Plastic Surgeon with a private practice in Sydney specialising in restorative and reconstructive surgery of the breast, hand and body.

Dr Nicklin’s professional memberships include the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons Ed and Glas.

Dr Nicklin and his team aim to provide patients with the best possible care, with compassion and respect, and to take the time to provide you with information, advice and counselling about your surgery.

You can find out more about Dr Sean Nicklin on his website.